1. Icon Dakota 4:06

The new track by Dutch Indie band Dakota titled “Icon” is a soothing shock to the aural senses via crystal clear chord progressions boosting dreamy melodic vocal tones in such a fashion as to make anyone appreciate music again like a score to a good memory.

About Dakota
The Netherlands’ Dakota, reimagine colorful, guitar driven dream pop with their forthcoming six track EP ‘Leda’. New single ‘Icon’, taken from the EP, is the perfect introduction to the band who have already been championed by the likes of Noisey.

Psychedelic guitar riffs with indie-pop roots seamlessly blend with Californian Garage Rock, ensuring Dakota are marking themselves out as a band to watch on the underground pop scene.

‘Icon’ centres around the struggle to become all that your cheating spouse wants you to be, but finding out that all efforts are futile. The realistion that the only thing you can be and would ever want to be is yourself is reflected in the video which you can watch below.

“Dutch Girl Band Dakota Do Cali Dream Pop So Well with “Icon”.”

“A perfectly crafted hazy guitar tune.”
Sticksandstones Mothership

“A countless number of bands have been described as “indie pop with an edge” – while this is an apt description for Dakota, the quartet really excels at writing the kind of chill out music that makes you want to melt into your couch.”