Daniel Pearson drops his new single titled ‘Brother’. The gritty overtones brought on by the intro guitar really drive the message home followed by that downbeat and the slow burn of a groove. Stylized further by Daniel’s soulful voice, ‘Brother’ captures that moment in the studio when everyone realizes that they’ve captured the magic and now must seal the bottle.

About Daniel Pearson & ‘Brother’

Following press and radio acclaim and over 5 million Spotify streams for his singles last year, singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson is back with a bluesy and soulful new song today. Brother is powered by a booming, hip-hop influenced drum rhythm, chunky guitar riffs, and Pearson’s gritty croon, and is on all streaming/download platforms now.

After a series of strong releases showcasing an atmospheric grasp of moving acoustic songwriting, Brother allows Pearson to flex his classic rock muscles and expand to a harder sound without sacrificing the core appeal of both his Americana and Folk Rock authenticity and ear for a pop hook.

“People tend to think of me as this quiet, sensitive singer-songwriter, but I got my start in rock and punk bands and have always loved loud guitar riffs and big drum sounds” explains Pearson. “Brother is me expressing myself that way, and pushing myself to play everything on the record was a cool challenge. It’s good to change things up – nobody wants to drive in the same lane all the time. Lyrically, it’s kind of a call for some kind of unity, however hard that may seem in our current climate – despite all the division and entrenchment, at some point, we’re gonna have to bite the bullet and find common ground.”

With a loyal fanbase on streaming and social media and rave press from around the world, Daniel Pearson is a 21st-century digital artist steeped in analog culture. In coverage of his albums, writers for Uncut Magazine, PopMatters, Baeble Music & more have been quick to praise timeless songwriting and poetic lyrics that draw on classic Rock, Folk and Country influences. His songs have also been aired on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6Music, BBC Scotland & BBC Wales & featured on TV shows around the world.