Danny McIntyre is set to release his new single titled ‘Brain Bot Broken’ tomorrow (February 7, 2020), and we have that early preview right here. What I love about composers is the fact that they have the ability to capture that essence of the moment and emotion within a defined musical piece. This is what Danny does to perfection. With electronic overtones and a penchant for flair, Danny gives the listener that adventure feel with ‘Brain Bot Broken’ as if one is on a journey and this is the soundtrack.

‘Brain Bot Broken’ will give any listener something to listen to, with a few unexpected twists within the music itself, in a way that will create new fans and a new appreciation for composition. Expect the unexpected.

About Danny McIntyre

Between establishing himself as an award-winning television composer/producer and associate professor at Berklee College of Music, Danny McIntyre has turned his desire to tell stories through music into a career.

Behind the scenes though, the producer/composer was in the midst of a creative realization.

While his day jobs fulfilled him, McIntyre saw a new crop of students beginning to explore the limits of storytelling through EDM, the connective tissue between electronic production and film scoring becoming more obvious along the way. After a few classes, McIntyre wanted to make music on his own terms again.

His upcoming debut EP, Sentient Dawn, is a fitting exploration of EDM and cyberpunk shrouded in sci-fi storytelling. Cyberpunk imagery often dominates McIntyre’s imagination and Sentient Dawn aims to provide a musical landscape for those who share a similarly fantastical, eclectic headspace.

“I really set out to score my imagination,” McIntyre says. “All the ideas on the EP could also function as a cyberpunk film score… I really just had fun with it.”

The EP will be the first release from his newly formed label, Droid Mafia, which counts past students that inspired him as part of its roster.

Sentient Dawn arrives on all digital platforms on March 6th.