Death Party Playground is releasing their new live single titled ‘Still Memories (Live at The Mint)’ tomorrow on Bandcamp. In light of the stellar work that Bandcamp is doing to help unsigned and independent artists by waiving their fees on the first Friday of every month, what a better way to ring in the center of summer than with a live track from a power-pop-powerhouse such as Death Party Playground. From Ontario to the world, Death Party Playground gives a more stripped-down version of their originally orchestral and somber track but, by doing this, they show that this song is meant for the stage.

I also get a sense of sadness when listening to this rendition of their beautifully reminiscent track that I miss going to live shows. I’m sure that most of you do as well. ‘Still memories’ was meant for those stages in front of people who appreciate music for what it is at its core: a bonding experience. Death Party Playground show with the live version of ‘Still Memories’ that the fans are family and the party is poignant. This is a conversation with everyone set to a soundtrack.

“I had the video in the vault, saving it for a rainy day, and we’ve had a few of them now. I hadn’t seen the performance since it was made, and the fresh eyes on it made me nostalgic for my time in LA and all the good things that have happened to me since then. ‘Still Memories’ is, among a few things, about appreciating what you had, and we’re all feeling a bit of that right now. I just thought it was time.”

About Death Party Playground

The story of Death Party Playground is really about the creative evolution of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Taylor.

Based in the thriving university town of Waterloo, Ontario, Taylor has been a fixture on the local music scene for over a decade and began sharing his insanely catchy power-pop anthems under the Death Party Playground banner in 2013, culminating with their first full-length album, Little Joy, released this past January.

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On one hand, Joy displays how Death Party Playground has evolved into a true band, combining the energy of the late-‘70s New York scene with early ‘90s Britpop drama, but songs like “Still Memories” showcase Taylor’s undeniable lyrical and melodic skills, as evidenced on the live version arriving next month.

“I’ve only performed the song at The Mint in Los Angeles, again for the release party of Little Joy in Waterloo, and maybe once or twice elsewhere,” Taylor says. “It serves as a sort of resolve for the hopelessness of the previous track, ‘Bright New.’ ‘Bright New’ presents a character that can’t escape their pain, [whereas] ‘Still Memories’ is a resolve from that pain into something positive. It’s an appreciation for their experience, and for those they love or have loved.”