Dirty to the core with a rebel smell is the best way to describe to hyperpunktastical assault that is “Boogie Monster”, the new track from the Birmingham, UK outfit known as Dirty Jane. This track hits you like a methodical baseball bat to the ears while assertively announcing “your next favorite band has arrived.” Make that a home-run for #indie. Play ball!

Dirty Jane Boogie Monster cover.
Dirty Jane Boogie Monster cover.

About Dirty Jane
Dirty Jane are a Rock’n’Roll band formed in Birmingham, England in 2014 by Jack Brown, John Beadsmore and Elliot Morris. Although Brown and Beadsmore had met years earlier as college students it took until they met Elliot Morris for them to unlock the sound that would later become their trademark.

The Dirty Jane sound is a nuts and bolts approach to that most primal of genres, Rock- ’n’Roll. Inspired by the raw energy and simple structures of garage/punk bands like The Stooges and The Cramps as well as the suppressed and subversive sexual undercurrents and energy of 1950’s Rockabilly artists, such as Gene Vincent and Link Wray, as they infected teenage America.

Behind the raw energy, intense noise and unhinged nature of the music, lyrical content and depth of subject matter is something frontman and songwriter Jack Brown takes very seriously. There is a keen interest in exploring the dark side of the male psyche with all its insecurity and anxiety intact. With a love of using B-Movie horror imagery as well as a dark sense of humour Brown creates a dichotomy between Rock’n’Roll cliche and a kind of intense emotional exorcism.

They make no apologies for who or what they are, Rock ’n’ Roll at it’s most primal.

SOURCE: Official Bio