DJ Zenas has today released his new single titled ‘Void’ on Jammerzine. Starting off with that haunting fervor that slowly builds to the climax, DJ Zenas shows us how to climax musically having us wait for that special moment when the music defines where our minds are. Because he took us there. While ‘Void’ does have that slow build to the conclusion, it does so subtlety and with an artistic style usually found in film.

Cinematic and orchestral with feeling is what ‘Void’ fills that void with. In all of us.

About DJ Zenas

Dallas-based DJ Zenas shares another smooth, “in your feels” record called ‘Void’. He has had a busy year with this single now being the 7th track he’s released in 2020. Keeping the trend going, he intends to release a new song on the first Friday of every month moving forward.

Elaborating on his inspiration for the record, Zenas states: ‘Void’ was inspired by my breakup with my first love. Even though it occurred years ago, the wave of emotions I went through and the process of overcoming them is something I vividly remember. This song is very different from my other releases to date, being that I am channeling many of my personal experiences and sharing them through a somewhat somber perspective. We all deal with breakups differently, however, I am sure someone out there can relate to the message here.

Zenas is originally from Denver, CO. He recently moved to Dallas, TX in 2019 to further pursue his music career after linking up with Jon-John Robinson, a well-established R&B producer (with credits including TLC, Jon B, and more), and collaborating with him on multiple projects. Since moving to Texas, Zenas has also produced several tracks for The Black Sands Soundtrack (a comic series turned animated series) and has continued releasing music of his own.

With this release, to add to his already impressive catalog, Zenas has proved he is much more than a DJ. He is a jack of all trades. Aside from spinning at different venues across the country and overseas, he also produces, writes, and performs his own music. Having delivered song after song for more than half a decade, and no signs of slowing up, it is safe to say Zenas’ future in this industry is very bright.