On the heels of successful promotional campaigning, Dyme-A-Duzin releases his highly anticipated new album HIP HOPE today. How many of you remember when hip hop was ​fun? Judging from the tracks Dyme let us in on early this year, his creative process captures all the things we love about hip hop music. From production to storytelling, rhyme patterns, and metaphors, Dyme embraces the very art of hip hop.

​As the birth place of hip hop, New York has a way of passing that powerful energy to its’ artists. With a solid spiritual upbringing, and years of studying the art, Dyme-A-Duzin has become quite the craftsman in composing, and translating amazing hip hop energy. Dyme’s HIP HOPE movement holds promise for the future of hip hop culture. Providing a well balanced blend of past, present​, and mainstream​ ​hip hop vibes, the HIP HOPE album is a noteworthy representation of really good New York music. The album’s cover presents a symbol of hope. It shows Dyme walking of a cliff holding a gold baloon. Dyme breaks down the meaning in a recent interview with allhiphop.com:

That guy knows what he’s doing. He’s walking off the cliff, head straight up with the gold balloon in his hand, and he knows that he’s about to soar. That’s what I plan to do – soar, take off.

1. The Real $wank (Prod. By Tye Hill)
2. Triple Darkness (Prod. By !llMind & M31RK)
3. White Girl (Prod. By #BNFB & PreedomWorld)
4. Make Me Feel ft Wati Heru (Prod. By Woodrow Skillson)
5. Somewhere In The Night ft Raz Fresco (Prod. By Raz Fresco)
6. My Single (Prod. By Park Ave)
7. Stay Up ft Kehlani (Prod. By Urban Rockstarz & Church Boi)
8. Free To Gogh (Prod. By #BNFB)
9. My Season ft Courtnie (Prod. By Raz Fresco)
10. Put It Down ft Topaz Jones (Prod. By Thelonious Martin & Episode X)
11. Good Lawd ft Astro (Prod. By The Amazing SB)
12. The Gold (Prob. By The Goonie Tunes)
13. Redemption Sex ft Ari Lennox (Prod. By #BNFB)
14. City Underwater (Prod. By Lazy Knuckles)
15. Body On Me ft Casey Veggies (Prod. By Josh Lamont)