1. Estranged Dyr Faser 7:20

Thought provoking and eclectic combined with a penchant for the obscure, Dyr Fraser achieve sonic bliss with their new single titled “Estranged”. The song itself certainly is estranged. Estranged from the norm and tedious predictability of conventional music. This is what makes Dyr Faser a band to watch if you are a connoisseur of true progressive music.


About Dyr Faser
Boston-based trio Dyr Faser have announced they will release their new EP ‘Trio’ and are teasing this new release with forerunner single ‘Estranged’. On ‘Trio’, the band cleverly blends post-punk, electronic, and psychedelia, often with southern guitar elements.

Based in Boston, Dyr Faster is comprised of Eric Boomhower (vocals, guitar, synth, Casio), Thalia Zedek (guitar, slide, backing vocals) and Katherine ‘Kate’ Murray (synth).

Although multi-instrumentalist Eric Boomhower originally began Dyr Faser as a solo project, he was eventually joined by indie rock icon Thalia Zedek (Come, Uzi, Live Skull, Thalia Zedek Band). After many recordings, buzz-worthy shows, and a successful tour, they were joined by Kate Murray on synth and again head out for additional touring in both the USA and Canada.

Together they make music that is entrancing, hypnotic, dreamy, kraut-rockish, and meditative. On ‘Trio’ EP, they fuse the European synth avant-garde and krautrock leanings of Eric Boomhower and Katherine Murray with the American guitar stylings of Thalia Zedek.

“The track ‘Den of Sables’ is how I imagine it’d be when Soft Cell meets The Gun Club,” says Thalia Zedek, whose lengthy career includes founding Come with Codeine’s Chris Brokaw and releasing four albums for that project. She has toured with world with Come and Live Skull.

For the first time in the band’s history, Eric and Thalia sing together, sharing vocals prominently on ‘Hybrid Souls’. Drum loops, synth swirl, dueling guitars, melodic vocals and electronic drum loops make for a hypnotic and inimitable release.

“We made this record after years of Thalia and I supporting each other’s music. As one-time housemates, we talked about music a lot. And unbelievably, I found Kate who shared a love for Krautrock and space rock. With this EP I hope to bring these sounds and talent to the pop world,” says Eric Boomhower.


  1. Den Of Sables 04:38
  2. Estranged 07:25
  3. Don’t 05:53
  4. Just A Face 03:53
  5. Koso Biru 07:38
  6. Hybrid Souls 07:45

Dyr Faser just kicked off their ‘Flat Earth No Dinosaurs’ tour with Your 33 Black Angels and The Veldt. Live dates follow:


  • Sept. 17 Cambridge, MA – Lilypad (with Magic Shoppe & Violet Nox)
  • Sept. 21 Queens, NY – Trans-Pecos
  • Oct. 12 Cambridge, MA – The Middle East-Corner