1. Heavy Hitter El West 4:11

El West officially premiere their new track titled ‘Heavy hitter’ right here on Jammerzine. This is a track that lives up to its name and hits you from the start with a poptasically frenetic beat and hook that captures the interest and sustains for four minutes eleven seconds. The chorus is worth the steady crescendo to the top that gives the band new fans and the song that street credibility that says this is a band that must be seen live.

For me personally, its the combination of the varied guitar work that hovers over the root with many places to go and that powerful something that hits the feels in that special place yet leaves enough for the road-worn yet pristine vocals to glide into place. And that place is memorable.

About El West

Hailing from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, El West creates a soundscape with ambient, yet driving instrumentals, and powerful operatic vocals. Soaring highs and heartfelt lows allow listeners to emotionally and visually connect to the music. A powerful rhythm section allows the subtle melodies to build into powerful crescendos like a wave of sound crashing over you.

Their new single “Where the Lights Go” embodies this landscape yet pushes it further. With catchy, mysterious bass hooks, dynamic swelling guitar riffs and tension gripping percussion, the music builds onto itself yet never seems complacent or formulaic. The vocal ties it all into a song that not only stays true to the band’s overall mission statement but introduces new listeners to music that has powerful pop personality but delivers a new, fresh sound.
With two releases under their belt, and a third on the way, El West has turned heads across the industry. After recently working with producer Beau Burchell(Saosin, Senses Fail, Moose Blood) on their upcoming release, they are embracing their readiness for commercial success.

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Their Self-Titled debut EP garnered college radio play nationwide, charting on seven stations, reaching the top 10 on each platform. They receive consistent airplay on two major stations in their hometown. Their local success led them to be chosen by Turner Broadcasting and Live Nation to open up for Capital Cities, Leon Bridges, GROUPLOVE, and The Chainsmokers on Day Two of the 2017 March Madness Music Festival.

They released their sophomore EP, “The Mainstay” in June of 2017. With numerous positive write-ups and reviews from media sources across the country and internationally for both releases, El West is gaining fans all over the world.

These beautiful, yet powerfully composed songs are arranged by El West’s four members: Bryant Powell (Vocals/Guitar), Thomas Brenneman (Guitar), Ricky Powell (Bass), and Marty Welker (Drums).