Emerald Sunday drop their new single titled ‘What Becomes of You’. The track is a welcome surprise to me because it’s just so well crafted and produced. This track sounds like a million bucks right at the initial listen and provides such a polished and well-done songwriting technique that the song leaves the listener to wonder if the band has been around longer than it actually has.

Starting out as a lush and rich sounding acoustic piece and kicking into a solid rock anthem with the drop of the first chorus, Emerald Sunday grabs the feels and entices the listener to stay for the entire song in a way only accomplished songwriters and established authors know just how to do.

About Emerald Sunday
What began in 2008 as a local cover act built by guitarist Alan Hunter and bassist Scott Crawford quickly evolved into a hungry revival of genuine rock ‘n’ roll known as Emerald Sunday. The quintet brings their own twist on classic rock ‘n’ roll, mixing in melodic hooks with foot-stomping choruses that have fans singing all the way from their home in Angus, Scotland. With a well-rounded line-up including vocalist Mick Martin, guitarist Matt Fleming, and drummer John Morgans, Emerald Sunday have spent the last few years building their fanbase by performing with the popular acts such as Primal Scream, Big Country, Embrace, Example, From The Jam and more.

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After reaching success with a No. 1 hit on the Scottish New Music Chart for the track “Streets of Harlem” plus a self-titled album that reached No. 17 on the Amazon Rock Chart, the band is now turning to Richard McNamara of the popular U.K group ‘Embrace’ to produce the band’s new LP. This new LP is a tribute to their longtime manager Charlie Campbell who lost his brave fight with cancer.

Emerald Sunday is:

  • Mick Martin – Vocals
  • Alan Hunter – guitarist
  • Scott  ‘Cliffy’ Crawford – Bass
  • Matt ’Thumbs’ Fleming – Guitar
  • John Morgans – Drums