Emm drops her new single titled ‘Psycho’. Starting off rather hauntingly with a soulful vocal line by Emm herself over a smooth flamenco-esque guitar, Emm churns the pot slowly but powerfully with a subtle crescendo to the payoff that is the hook. ‘Psycho’ is a slow melodic burn. The kind of song that builds that fire slowly but when it catches, it’s hot.

About Emm

Emm is a powerful singer-songwriter, producer, performer and women’s advocate. Her infallible vocal prowess and edgy lyrical voice compete with the greatest pop divas topping the charts today. However, her unique perspective as a producer, classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and life-long songwriter has given her an authentic blend of sonics and stories that make every song identifiably “Emm”. As an incredible female producer, Emm is helping to change the saddening statistics of women in music. About 5 percent of music producers in the industry today are female. Emm is distinct to most pop music today in that she has a hand in every instrument in the track, every word, and every melody you hear.

In an era where female pop artists are taught to “stay in the box” and be agreeable, Emm stands out as a true artist – bold, risky, and unapologetically controversial. She is willing to take risks, both musically and lyrically, covering topics like religion, politics, and gender inequality.

Beyond that, perhaps the most incredible thing about Emm’s music is even greater than the music itself (which is pretty damn good) – it is the message. Emm identifies with her fans more authentically then most artists could ever hope to, and that’s because she cares more deeply about the people she is singing to. Having faced a challenging past of eating disorders, mental health issues, industry evils, and moving away from her hometown of 14,000 to face New York City at the tender age of 16, Emm has overcome so much.

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It only takes one conversation to see that she is deeply passionate about creating a voice for people just like her – people that never felt they were enough and never quite fully fit in. Emm is an artist that spends all night after a show talking to her fans, asking them questions, encouraging them and appreciating who they are. She shines in the most important area, and that’s a genuine heart. Most artists are eager to get back on the bus or head to the next party. But Emm isn’t most artists.

EMM has performed at the largest arenas across Los Angeles to the smallest clubs. She is a passionate performer, once called a mix “between Beyonce and Janis Joplin.” She was raised and classically trained by two full-time classical musicians. Her social presence is growing daily and she currently boasts over 15 million views and 200,000 followers across her channels.

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