At just three years old, Ethan Bortnick discovered a rare set of music skills on his little toy keyboard that eventually led him to appearances on The Tonight Show, Oprah, Good morning America, Disney, Nickelodeon, and on his own award-winning shows on PBS. Bortnick went on to spend much of his youth passionately using his talent to raise over $50 million for charities worldwide, through his live concerts and appearances.

Now at 18, Bortnick has unveiled the next chapter in his story, the catchy, sophisticated piano pop-rock single “Leave Me Alone.”

Frantically playing every piano key available on “Leave Me Alone,” Bortnick utilizes an explosive mix of rhythm changes and understated vocals on the jazzy, upbeat track.

The song calls-out online bullies, dismissing their attempts to bring others down. In the lyric video, the words are typed into a Discord server, which represents Ethan’s experience that led him to write this song.

“Several friends, whom I trusted, began to take advantage of our friendship and spread lies about me on Discord,” says Bortnick. “I didn’t let it get to me too much, but did walk away with inspiration for this song.”

Bortnick will be hitting the road in August, something that’s nothing new to him. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the youngest headliner in world history to have his own concert tour at nine years old. The precocious talent has performed over 1,000 headlining shows and even helped Haiti with his appearance on the recording of We are the World with folks like Jonas Brothers, Black Eye Peas, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and many other legendary artists. That fire to give back still burns in adulthood, as Ethan hosts the TV show Celebration of Music, a talent search that showcases the best young musical talent across America.

[table caption=”Ethan on Tour (2019)” width=”100%” colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
8/11, San Angelo, TX,San Angelo PAC ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/13, Shreverport, LA,Vickie Roberson Theatre ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/14, Jackson, MS,Millsaps Recital Hall ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/16, Springfield, MO,Fox Theater/ History Museum ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/18, Louisville, KY,Kentucky Science Center ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/21, Nashville, TN,Rocketown ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/22, Atlanta, GA,Vista Room ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/24, Montgomery, AL,Troy Davis Theater,CAP 1200 COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
8/25, Hammond / Baton Rouge, LA,Mid City Ballroom ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
9/13, San Diego,CA ,Escondido,California Center for the Arts. Ethan Only,
9/15, Riverside, CA,Fox Theater ,Ethan Only,
9/19, Fresno, CA,Satellite Student Union Theater ,Ethan Only,
9/20, Sacramento, CA,Crest Theater ,Ethan Only,
9/22, Eureka, CA,Arkley Center for the Performing Arts, Ethan Only,
9/25, Medford, OR,Rogue Theater ,Ethan Only,
9/27, Portland, OR,Alladin Theater ,COM with Ethan hosting and Performing,
10/24, Baltimore, MD,Gordan Center for Performing Arts ,Ethan Only,
10/27, Philadelphia/Bethlehem,PA,Arts Quest Center Steel Stacks ,Ethan Only,
11/1, Rochester,NH,Rochester Opera Theater ,Ethan Only,
11/2, Providence, RI,Park Theater ,Ethan Only,
11/3, Hartford, CT,Bushnell Theater ,Ethan Only,
11/8, Jackson, TN,The NED ,Ethan Only,
11/10, Memphis,TN,Memphis Music Festival,HEADLINER
12/4, Palm Coast, FL,Flagler Auditiorum ,Ethan Only,