Evon Rose has dropped his new single and video for the track titled ‘Something More’. Started with a spacious, lush, and dream-filled guitar riff straight out of a film score, Evon gives an emotional performance that reaches a climactic crescendo in such a way as the song almost does a stylistic change into a solid groove filled with harmony and grit. This is a songwriter’s song with twists and turns that dig deeper into the mind of a musician that gives you a glimpse of the wonderful things Evon has to offer.

About Evon Rose

Based in Vienna, Austria, Evon Rose is Jonas Skielboe from Denmark (guitar) Byron Cortes from Colombia (bass) Peter Nadasdi from Hungary (drums) lead by vocalist Andreas Schuster. With a background studying International Business in Sydney, his introduction into professional music was like stepping from the safety of the land, into a mountain rapid – turbulent, exhilarating and purely refreshing. After life delivered him a devastating blow, he felt compelled to share his music with the world and Evon Rose came to be. He immersed himself into music creation alongside international producers and in 2017, his debut album New Shores was released. The band was chosen to perform at the prestigious tennis tournament Generali Open Kitzbühel, and have performed at MMB Showcase Bucharest, Love and Peace Festival Dornbirn, and Filmfestival Kitzbühel.

Influenced by acts like Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Powderfinger, Evon Rose’s music brims with reassurance. There’s a sense of overcoming that encompasses not just their sound, but in the experience, the listener takes away too. Drawing parallels to the likes of Fink or Nickleback, there sound also conjures up images of The Foo Fighters through fearless exploration and self-determined freedom of expression.

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The video for ‘Something More’ is a head-trip through mysterious fantasy lands, as we follow characters, Milla and Theo, through scenes from award-winning short film Lacrimosa. Monochromatic visuals are set against Dali-esque landscapes, as the two float through abstract settings. The band is shown playing in beautiful natural settings of forests and mountainscapes, giving viewers a window into their fiercely energetic live performance.

“Something more is truly a great song and the lyrics are thoughtful and special. We loved producing the music video, meshing up the short film Lacrimosa and the performance of Evon Rose” comments producer Viktor Perdula

Speaking of ‘Something More’ Andreas explains: “I’ve been intrigued by many spiritual beliefs which led me to dig deeper into some of the known self-experience rituals. My inner voice always told me there is more out there and for me music was often a way to express and process the things happening in my life.”