Faux Ferocious drop their groove-based double 7″ in the form of their new double singles titled ‘Good Times Ahead’ & ‘No Pressure’. This 7″ sounds like a big 10″ by way of a hot and solid groove for ‘Good Times Ahead’ and a post-punk foot stomp for ‘No Pressure’.  This gives the listener two clear directions of the band out of many, but in a way in which you are sure lo like both. For me, ‘Good Times Ahead’ gives me that Quentin Tarantino soundtrack vibe of good times coming and full speed ahead with a soulful groove in the pocket and off the chain. With ‘No Pressure’ I get that classic fIREHOSE/Minuteman vibe with that post-punk-alt-rock flare with a few surprises that threw me for a musical loop (particularly the song’s ending).

Faux Ferocious is rapidly proving that they are a band that can wear many hats within the songwriting process to the point where the word ‘chameleon’ comes to mind.


“…another exceptional dose of stoned to the bones motorik psych and jittery punk…”

“…gutsy, bracing psychedelic punk…”
-Nashville Scene

“Hairy hypnotic rock ‘n’ roll that will still slap you into a pause. The best kind.”
-Aquarium Drunkard