Felixity drops her new single, remix, and video for the track titled ‘You&Me’. Featuring a wonderful vocal syncopation done soulfully by Felixity and continuing that level of skill with her voice throughout, ‘You&Me’ centers on that special hook not heard since the glory days of Motown with modern twits and funked-up rhythm that will cause random rewinds just to hear those moments again.

This all culminates into that wonderfully wicked breakdown meant for the masses that literally segways into the remix via that special playlist where both songs are combined. Oberkon matches the mayhem with a slick beat and otherworldly and otherways overlooked instrumentation brought to the forefront which generates that original feel for the dancefloor.

The Oberkon Remix is a collaborative effort between 3 heavy hitters: Andy Spaceland of Alpha and 5 Billion in Diamonds, together with Butch Vig (of Garbage fame and then some); Jay Reynolds (Dua Lipa, Liam Gallagher, MIST, Fred Again, Gabrielle, Paloma Faith); and producer David Francolini, who also produced Felixity’s forthcoming album.

As of April 17, ‘You&Me (Oberkon Remix)’ will be available across all the main digital platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. On April 24, the next single ‘Twisted Love’ will be released, followed by the full ‘Love Sick’ album on May 1 via Komplex Recordings.

About Felixity

‘You&Me’ is a hyper-real and joyful gem that shines in an auto-tuned pop landscape. Equally street-smart-urban and classic chanteuse, her remarkable voice and effortless range make an impactful introduction.

Felixity’s cool, hauntingly beautiful tone is fused with a world-class dynamic production; washes of orchestral uplift and wonderful musicianship weaving soulfully funky, R&B vibes. The deep groove, broad sonic palette, and positive message should resonate with all generations of music lovers.

The Oberkon Remix was created by a trio of heavy hitters: Andy Spaceland (a.k.a. Andy Jenks), part of Alpha and 5 Billion in Diamonds, together with Butch Vig; Jay Reynolds, notable mixer for the likes of Dua Lipa, Liam Gallagher, MIST, Fred Again, Gabrielle, Paloma Faith, and Pixie Lott; and producer David Francolini.

“I often write about things that have hurt me, music is the easiest place I can put the things in my head because I find it simpler to sing about things than say them.  I’ve opened up a lot about myself in these songs so I hope someone out there hears them and feels a little bit less alone,” says Felixity.

Recorded in London, Bristol, Brighton, Berlin and Geneva, this LP was mastered by Brian Lucey (Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Liam Gallagher, Hatchie, Green Day) at Magic Garden Mastering and mixed by Cenzo Townsend (U2, Ash, The Stranglers, The Wedding Present) at Decoy Sound. It was produced and engineered at Komplex Studio by David Francolini, who has been operating Komplex Studios out of Bristol but has now moved operations to the French Alps.

Her forthcoming collection of 10 deeply personal songs is part confessional, part exorcism and all infused with her extraordinary voice and street smart lyrics. Inspired by The Weeknd (Trilogy), Etta Bond, J Cole, Anderson Paak, KAYTRANADA, and Jhene Aiko, Felixity’s songs, which were written at the very end of last year, takes the listener on a poetic journey to the heart of the singer.

“Given the confessional nature of Felixity’s lyrics, it was important to create a dramatic soundscape; a cinematic and lush harmonic bed on top of which her wonderful voice could sit and her stories’ meanings are amplified. I have shapeshifted the feel of the songs throughout the record so it feels like the emotional journey that the lyrics portray. All quite conceptual really, but always keeping it uncluttered, funky, simple, and the groove deep,” says producer David Francolini.

This collection of songs of love and loss is just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Living between Bristol, London, and Brighton, Felixity has several albums planned for 2020 and is already back in the studio to record the second.

As for many artists, the live shows planned in support of this album have been postponed. Nonetheless, Felixity is hoping to perform again later in the summer, current environment permitting.

Featured image by Steve Gullick.