What we have here is a Tulipomania/Hartline remix of Figure Walking’s own ‘Blue World’ single. Remixes can be a bit of a gamble due to the fact that there is already an original track out there to compare it to. Figure Walking has little to worry about as the remix retains all of those subtle little nuances that make the song great while adding to the flavor as well as the mix. The vocals are more prominent on the remix and the chugging beat and rhythm of the original are a bit fatter in sound and dynamic in scope. This is one of those rare instances where I feel that one would like both versions for different reasons and appreciate them both.

Figure Walking will be releasing their new album ‘vertical/horizontal’ later this summer. For now, the Blue World Remix is available across online stores, including Apple Music, and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

About Figure Walking
Canadian indie rock duo Figure Walking presents their new single ‘Blue World Remix’, newly released via Disintegration Records on June 7. This exquisite remix single is a summertime anthem. Here, producer/engineer Richard Hartline and Philadelphia’s critically acclaimed mood-rockers Tulipomania team up at the controls, bringing an already celebratory song to new levels of existential joy and transcendence.

Figure Walking is drummer Rob Gardiner (Conduct, Pip Skid) on drums and longtime Winnipeg-based indie rock fixture and three-time Polaris Prize nominee Greg MacPherson (Cherry Cherry, Nova, Greg MacPherson Band) on baritone guitar, vocals, and keys. The original version of ‘Blue World’ can be found on the band’s debut album ‘The Big Other’.

“I love to imagine the world through the murky, silver-on-the-ocean-floor filter that is Tulipomania’s music. This remix of Blue World is astonishing for us, as a watching an eclipse with welder’s goggles and discovering the sun for the first time,” says Greg MacPherson.

“The Hartline/Tulipomania remix of Blue World is a gift to us, like seeing our city anew from the slow rise and ominous drift of a beautiful weather balloon at sunset.”

Figure Walking makes music that runs a full spectrum of celebration, revolt, laughter, anger, and possibility. This is an innovative sound, worldly but deeply rooted in the colonial crash site that is the city of Winnipeg.

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Their debut album ‘The Big Other’ is a 10-song trip across cultures, communities, ideologies, and relationships. Recorded by Cam Loeppky, it was released in April 2017 and was long-listed for the Polaris Music Prize.

“We were really inspired by the song ‘Blue World’, Figure Walking’s bittersweet anthem informed by intelligent angst, and we’re honored to have been allowed to contribute to this upliftingcri de coeur,” says Cheryl Gelover of Tulipomania.

Tulipomania has released four albums and numerous animated music videos and singles. They are currently at work on a fifth album and supporting animated music videos.