Filter Distortion, a four piece electro band from Liverpool, have finally emerged from a self-imposed year of confinement in a windowless room. The band set about producing their finest work yet, and have certainly achieved their aim with debut album ‘Transmission’. Recorded using just 3 microphones, the band wrote and produced all the album’s tracks before mastering with engineer and producer Daniel Woodward at Liverpool’s Whitewood Recording Studio.

According to Liverpool’s Bido Lito Magazine, “Transition swims in front of you like a neon-lit nighttime drive through the streets of Vice City with Depeche Mode blaring out of the stereo”.

‘Transition’ certainly has a distinct eighties electro feel but the band have given that sound a modern twist, with driving guitars and live drums, to create something incredibly powerful.

The band are attracting an ever-increasing following, thanks in part to having their music featured on UK televstion (Channel 4 and LFC TV as well as BBC 6 Music and international radio. Two tracks from the album ‘Cameras in the Dark’ and ‘Neon Nights’ have both been selected as BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson’s Fresh on the Net Fresh Faves.

The album is available as a digital download and limited edition vinyl from selected outlets including Dig Vinyl, Probe Records, Piccadilly Records and mail order via the band’s website.

“The album does not contain any fillers. Each song could be a single!”
Chris Currie, Wirral Radio

“Neon Nights showcases a great vocal range that’s almost Dave Gahan in places.”
Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio

“If you think you need to go to 80’s bands milking their reunions for all they are worth to hear quality electronic sound, I have news for you. Filter Distortion would blow half of them off stage.”
Roxy Gillespie, Liverpool Noise