1. Blind (EDM Remix) Fire Jane 3:00

Fire Jane has released her new single remix titled ‘Blind’ (EDM Remix). While not having the feel of a remix, it has the energy. That energy of collaboration between accomplished artists that bring the song to the dance floor while keeping the hook and melody intact in another form. This makes this a reinterpretation and not a remix, in my opinion. Well done.

About Fire Jane

Fire Jane is an East Coast Electro Pop muician inspired by acts such as Ava Max, Anne-Marie, and Selena Gomez. She also looks to continue to collaborate with other EDM artists after having already successfully worked with Elite DJ artist Klaas.

In 2020 Fire Jane released a number of singles including Train, Blind, and Tango Up! Train became her most popular song to date and is an uplifting EDM anthem which has certainly been a crowd favorite.

2020 also saw Fire Jane collaborating with award-winning, London-based producer Sefi Carmel (David Bowie, Bruno Mars, Gone in 60 Seconds) who produced her cool latin-flair pop song Tango Up!

Her new Blind (EDM Remix) dropped on March 5th and it’s a sweet, energetic slap House style mix. The track itself is about moving on or not, as they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul – do you close the door or keep it open?

You will also be able to find her newest track Blind (EDM Remix) on the upcoming Sony compilation album ‘The Lightshow Deluxe’ featuring artists such as Chris Brown (who Fire Jane is looking forward to working with) and his song ‘Monsta’.