1. Passed Through Fleeting Persuasion 4:18

Fleeting Persuasion has released their new single titled ‘Passed Through’. Built up like an icon in the making, the slow churn to the chorus heats up ever so slightly. A light track in construction but a deep melody between the lines, ‘Passed Through’ endears itself as a song that captures the moment if you listen to it at the right time. A song for introverts that cuts through the melancholy and gives you back a piece of your heart.

About Fleeting Persuasion

Fleeting Persuasion follow up their recent single ‘Eternal’ with the brooding sound of new single ‘Passed Through’.

In the middle of 2021, unable to jam with a drummer and complete a half-finished new album due to COVID restrictions, Harrison began to write a new bunch of songs. “Knowing what the beat will be is such a crucial thing for me early in the writing phase, so using a dodgy recording app I started playing around with the beats and keys for around a dozen new songs,” he explains.

“I rang Josh Whitehead at Crosstown Studios, sent him the demos and he said I was crazy for starting a new project,” Harrison laughs. “But he also said he had some experience in synths and beats so together we decided to work one song at a time.”

The first result of their collaborative work on James song was the single ‘Eternal’ with it’s darkly chiming guitar chords and electro noir rhythm section. The follow up, ‘Passed Through’, takes the core elements of it’s predecessor, slows the tempo and heightens the emotional impact of the music.

Guitar chords hang heavy in the air as simple, affecting melodies come and go via synths, stentorian bass and six strings. James’ voice completes the song with lyrics he describes as “scattered thoughts that float in and out of the arrangement.”

James explains their mixing approach as “A Tug of war, a to and fro. It’s all in the mixing and balancing of this song. Once again Josh and I worked on this song from the ground up, making it as dense, yet as spacious as we could.”

Out of the opening scattered static and morse code, emerges a melancholic slowcore, like a more intimate sounding War On Drugs on half-speed.

Single credits:

Written by James Harrison

Recorded & mixed at Crosstown Studios by Josh Whitehead
Guitars,vocals,keys – James Harrison
Bass,keys – Josh Whitehead
BV’s – Danielle Loughnan

Fleeting Persuasion is the latest project of prolific Melbourne based creative James Spencer Harrison who has also released several well received albums,singles and EP’s under the J M S Harrison moniker. The last of which , 2017’s Traced Out was leading James towards a denser and richer fuller band sound. That inspired a change of name and Fleeting Persuasion was born.

In 2019 Fleeting Persuasion released the album Forever Caught. Recorded at Crosstown Studios in Preston , VIC with Josh Whitehead, who recorded, mixed and mastered the three previous releases. Harrison captured a set of songs that possessed echoes of The Cure, tightly woven post-rock and Australian acts such as Bluebottle Kiss filtered through his own brand of heart on sleeve melancholia.

Splitting his time between Fleeting Persuasion and solo pursuits has established Harrison as a regular fixture on the live music scene, opening for renowned artists including Painters & Dockers, Steve Kilbey (The Church), Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss), Peter Fenton (CROW) and Hermitage Green (Ireland)

Harrison also co-wrote and played on the debut album by alt-rock project, Old Ettiquettes. The release of A Blur Again saw the quartet supporting Australian legends The Clouds and Falling Joys at The Croxton Bandroom.