Fly the Nest, aka Stephen Cooper, is set to drop his new single titled ‘Wild Ride’. Energetic from the start and passionate throughout, ‘Wild Ride’ is a blossoming track of layered guitars and harmonizing vocals that set the mood and take the stage in ways that harken back to that turn-of-the-century power-pop when rock ruled the world and songwriting mattered.

About Fly the Nest

Dublin native Stephen Cooper AKA Fly The Nest started playing music at a young age, performing in various bands. It wasn’t until last year that he started the solo project Fly The Nest, under which he writes and releases his own music.

Stephen also wrote music for sync licensing and says that “Writing for film and TV has opened up another facet of my creativity. It’s helped me find my sound, which I like to call ‘Cinematic Rock’.

The project also encompasses Stephen’s time spent on the live circuit in Scandinavia where he spends a lot of his time, traveling between Ireland and Denmark.

The name Fly the Nest came from traveling and moving on from a previous musical journey to the one he’s currently on.

‘Wild Ride’ is Stephen’s brand new single and has ‘feel good’ anthem written all over it, welcome to ‘Fly The Nest’.