Ford is Tom Ford, a Stratford-upon-Avon based electronic synth-pop artist.

The project was born out of the desire to create energetic, experimental and uplifting electronic music to provide some contrast to the darker and moodier plethora of electronic musicians that emerging right now.

‘The Master’ is an example of Ford’s combination of infectious bass-lines, sweeping production and ponderous lyricism. Singer Andrew Mott provides Justin Timberlake-esque vocals that soar over the synth chords underneath. It is a track that offers more with each listen; its extended outro section providing a visceral conjuring of dreams and their environments.

There are nods to existing artists such as Flume, Disclosure and Blackfield in various aspects of the music, but Ford is his own artist and strives to be as wholeheartedly original as possible.

Having just graduated from studying music at university, Tom is influenced by a wide variety of music from avant-garde metal to baroque, hip-hop and film and television soundtracks. He has always had a keen interest in constructing catchy yet quirky songs. This is evident in The Master’s extended outro and Never Again’s recurring liquid-synth.