Invoking a sweet combination of sultry and soulful vocals and soothing and captivating music, Foxfeather achieves sonic bliss via their new track titled ‘Come And Get Me’. The gorgeous and lush mix of horns, classic acoustic bass, clean and succulent guitar and orchestrated by the emotionally tinged vocals gives this future classic a captivating mix of old school soul and modern alt-rock tinge in an #indie scene all too familiar with the bland.

About Foxfeather
Foxfeather is a sultry Alt Americana duo founded in Boulder, CO in 2013 by Carly Ricks Smith (lead vocals), Laura Paige Stratton (acoustic/electric guitars, keys, vocals), and is often supported by various instrumentalists for a full rock sound. They are a local staple in the Colorado Front Range, and also tour nationally.

They released their debut EP, Foul Moon, in 2014. In response to this release, The Marquee stated that “the group is overflowing with talent” and “Carly Ricks Smith has a spectacular voice which lies somewhere between the folky soprano of a young Joni Mitchell and the jazz-heavy range of Lake Street Dive’s Rachel Price. It’s powerful as well as delicate.” Andy Eppler of The Prairie Scholars said “it’s sexy. It’s original. These women have crafted something very special and instantly likable on this album.”

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Foxfeather released their first full length, self-titled album in October of 2016, which Rooster magazine described as “time warping…it’s an emotional ride into the forest of folk with low-hanging country branches slapping you in the face without apology… it got a good thing going” (Rooster Magazine).

Singles from their ‘2018 EP’ will be released individually over the next several months.

SOURCE: Official Bio