1. The Swamp Genghis Nash 3:58

Genghis Nash has today released their new single titled ‘The Swamp’ via Golden Robot Records. Anthemic from the start, ‘The Swamp’ drains the swamp of the white noise pop and gets down to the dirt ground where all the best guitarists reside and really creates a sonic anthem for the 99% of us who all possess that secret snarl and attitude for the air guitar that announces the much needed arrival of the next set of rock gods. All too short but perfection usually is.

About Genghis Nash

During the past 14 years they have travelled the world getting to know many different cultures and growing their global network of like-minded creatives. A spur of the moment trip Jackie took to Sao Paulo in 2018 spawned the idea of forming a band. When Michel then travelled to Australia not long afterwards, Genghis Nash was born, and the songs that make up their debut EP The Odyssey were written and recorded at Jimmy Barnes’ Freight Train Studios in Sydney.

Over the next year, Michel and Jackie reached out to their vast network of musicians and friends around the world to add their own personalities and influences to Genghis Nash. Some of the wonderful people to contribute to this record include:

  • Ty Bailie from Mesa, Washington
  • Jade Glasberg from Los Angeles, California
  • Joel Burton from Sydney, Australia
  • Uyanga Bold from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • James Saez from Los Angeles, California
  • Oscar Zambrano from Mexico City, Mexico
  • Fernando Lodeiro from Caracas, Venezuela
  • Tod Garnett from Sydney, Australia

Genghis Nash are truly a world-wide project that has brought together an amazingly talented group of artists that have produced some incredibly catchy and intricate rock material with some proggy overtones, that is just bursting to see the light of day!

The Odyssey explores many different influences, with rock ’n’ roll being its native language, but it is so much more than that. It is a celebration of the journeys we undertake in life and the people we meet along the way. It has been a long time coming, but Genghis Nash have arrived!