Kool Keith needs no introduction, he’s a Hip Hop legend, his back catalog and his involvement in the scene, as well as his collaborations over the years, speak for themself.

Lee Brunskjill AKA Ghostwood Development Project originally met Kool Keith at ‘All Tomorrows Parties Nightmare Before Christmas’ curated by Mike Patton & The Melvins in Minehead back in 2008. They mainly spoke about Sci-Fi movies, music and horror movie soundtracks. It was only a brief encounter but ultimately that’s what brought the two of them together.

This whole project has been a long time in the making, Lee was instrumental in putting together Leeds based Punk outfit Autopsy Boys and after they disbanded he went into social isolation to reevaluate his music and what it meant to him.

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Lee rebuilt everything he’d known about music and self-taught himself to mix, master and scratch and even built his own synths which you can hear throughout this track, everything you hear has been made by Lee other than of course Kool Keith’s vocal.

By the time Lee had got his newfound skills on point, he’d created ‘Gulley’ and found himself in need of a vocal and knew there and then that only Kool Keith would work. Having swapped numbers Lee contacted him, played him the track to which he said: “This shit is hot!”. Lee remembers “Within two days Kool Keith recorded his part and sent back his vocals. With that, I set about mixing and mastering my first solo release. I wanted to announce my new project with something special but never imagined it would turn out this good”

The name Ghostwood Development Project is a Twin Peaks reference as Lee explains:

“A few people have asked where I got the name from. It was a plan originally spearheaded by Benjamin Horne to build a country club on the location of Ghostwood National Forest. An intriguing subplot in Twin Peaks. Had this plot continued, I believe it would have revealed the imminent destruction of the town and elaborated on the evil spirits as well as the backstory of Bob, and his Lucifer-like nature. It also plays along nicely with the Twin Peaks‘ narrative of “evil in the woods.” The idea is to present my own personal experiences from an alternate timeline within the Twin Peaks universe where the project did happen and chaos was unleashed. My imagery, music, art, narrative and videos come from the area known as Ghostwood. “Stop Ghostwood” is a recurring theme throughout the saga. Naturally, I adopted the term ‘Vote Ghostwood’ insinuating hell on earth has arrived.”

This is just the beginning for Lee and his solo project and what a journey it is so far, welcome to Ghostwood Development Project.