1. Dark Clouds Hans Deville 3:42

Hans Deville is set to release their new single titled ‘Dark Clouds’ tomorrow (June 30th). Featured on their upcoming album ‘Prophecies Of The Lost’, to be released this August, Hans Deville gives a darkly delectable preview of things to come with an almost quasi delta blues style guitar combined with that David Lynch level of audio noir and Leonard Cohen style vocals. What more do you need here? Nothing.

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About Hans Deville

Welcome to the third pre-lude of the album “Prophecies Of The Lost” to be released August 2021. Following the singles Porbandar and Mr Wolf, Hans Deville brings the brooding melodrama that is “Dark Clouds”.

Dark Clouds opens with a swaggering groove evoking the atmosphere of an 80’s road movie. The scene is set for this story of loss and separation in a distant expansive landscape on a sultry summer night. As the song gathers pace with distant bluegrass rhythm and sweeping tremolo guitar chords, an uncomfortable picture of a dysfunctional relationship unfolds. The last verse breaks down to echoing riffs and a final insight is revealed into their car crash lives – hinting she’s leaving behind more than just her lover.

This song has a timelessness reminiscent of J.J. Cale, Kurt Vile and Nick Cave all rolled into one. More “Leaving St Leonards” than “Leaving Las Vegas” this is modern day Americana, written on the English South Coast by King Prawn guitarist Hans Deville and Andrew J. Davies, front man of dark country exponents Frank From Blue Velvet.