1. Mr Wolf Hans Deville 3:27

Hans Deville has released the new single titled ‘Mr Wolf’ from his upcoming album titled ‘Prophecies Of The Lost’, out in August, 2021.

A Quasi mix of alt-country, underground, and originality, Hans cuts through the BS that is easily accessible music and makes a dark turn on the off-ramp where most people fear to tread and plays his broken heart.

About Hans Deville

Guitarist and producer HANS DEVILLE splits his life between the coastal town of Ramsgate and London. He cut his Rock’n’Roll teeth with highly respected ska-punks KING PRAWN. It won’t be an uncommon story, but 2020 was a trying year and we know he won’t be the only artist to re-think his way to develop and create as a musician.

Setting up a studio in his Stained-Glass workshop, a hybrid album of Mariachi, sea shanty and twangy western began to develop. Live brass was recorded by his Ska Punk buddies, even his Mum lending an accordion playing hand on first single ‘Porbandar’.

On hearing the works in progress, old time friend Karl Horton, owner of Property Of The Lost Records, introduced Hans to ANDREW J DAVIES from Hastings dark Country band FRANK FROM BLUE VELVET.

The pair immediately hit it off with Andrew laying down the vocals for ‘Porbandar’ that very evening, taking influence from his Welsh roots by incorporating four level harmonies, much favoured by male voice choirs, in the sea shanty evoking first single.

Although the two have never met, it didn’t stop there. Andrew collaborated to all the vocal tracks on the debut album, Prophecies Of The Lost, to be released in the summer.

Hans Deville will perform live as soon as possible.

About ‘Mr Wolf’

Following his debut outing, the maritime Folk influenced ‘Porbandar’, Hans Deville delivers his second single ‘Mr Wolf’. Once more collaborating with dark Country vocalist Andrew J Davies, ‘Mr Wolf’ takes inspiration from 60’s West Coast Psychedelia and the English Avant Garde, mixing fuzz box guitars, monastic chanting and a kazoo crescendo. The songs smooth swagger belies the sinister subject matter.

“The lyrics are based on an undercover Police unit that infiltrated environmental and other activist groups in the UK during the 90’s and noughties. Posing as committed activists while leading double lives, some of these cops had long term sexual relationships with female activists and in some cases even fathered children with these women.”
— Hans Deville

Hans Deville is the guitarist of hybrid rockers King Prawn. ‘Mr Wolf’ is the second taster of his “lockdown” album, Prophecies Of The Lost.

Due for release in August 2021, it is a blend of coastal Folk, Mariachi horns and psychedelic Americana.

First single ‘Porbandar’ received support from WWFM’s Global Oats Breakfast Show plus the Tangential Show on Totally Wired Radio.