Heartour has today premiered his new single titled ‘When The Lights Go Down’, from his upcoming album ‘Divert The Asteroid’, out June 25th. ‘When The Lights Go Down’ is a truly musical surprise. One of those tracks you can’t predict. What I mean is there are sections you wouldn’t dream of being there but, there they are. And they fit. This is brilliance from the mind of a real musician. The verses flow into massive hooks and convey a layered and diverse audio landscape that is as divulging as it is diverse. This song ended way too soon.

About Heartour

For some artists, the spark for a record comes from a chord or a lyric. For Heartour’s Jason Young, it started with an image. Specifically, three album covers sketched in a notebook before a single bar had been written.

This approach is not unusual for Young, who has always looked to eclectic visuals to inspire his music. Growing up in small town Connecticut just an hour away from the lights of New York City, the riot of the city’s colors and sounds lured Young not only to the metropolis, but also into indie pop band The Ruse.

Eventually, the ideas in that notebook began to take shape, away from the rock stylings of his day job with The Ruse to the more eccentric, kaleidoscopic synth pop that became Heartour. Young began pulling double duty, setting out to complete the albums that he sketched out initially with Three dropping in 2003, Five in 2006, and Ate in 2009. It was on these solo records that Young began to solidify what Heartour would sound like, and the ways in which it would differ from his previous projects.

It had been nearly ten years between his last album, 2011’s Submarine Sounds, and last year’s R U IN, but the intervening years have produced anything but downtime. The Ruse opened for Muse on three separate world tours before going on hiatus, which is when Young decided it was time to go back into the studio for himself. Soon after, the dynamic electronic soundscapes of R U IN was born, released in May 2020 in the middle of the pandemic.

Now, just over a year later, Divert The Asteroid continues the return of Heartour with five songs crafted during a year without any certainties. Lead single “Little Waves” arrived “like a shot of lemonade squeezed from this lemon of the past year” according to Ghettoblaster’s Tommy Johnson, while upcoming single and EP opener “When The Lights Go Down” is a slow burn towards the Daft Punk-indebted synth nostalgia Heartour’s become known for.