Hidden Places has just premiered their new track titled ‘Mundanity’. The track features a magnificently bright and catchy guitar line with a bouncy bass in the vein of Mike Watt. But don’t let that fool you; this track is a catchy hook-fest with frenetically beatastical drums and a band that is so in lock with each other you would think they shared a brain. This is what music should be. A retro look to the future. The attitude in the vocal lines is a combination of rebellion and pure snark. Columbus, Ohio just got a pin on the music map!

About Hidden Places

Hidden Places is everyone’s favorite Post-Punk trio that happens to include David Fuller on Guitar, Matt McCroskey on Drums, and Nick Shew on Bass guitar. Hailing from Columbus, OH, they combine their love for bands like Ought, Omni, Talking Heads, and The Cleaners from Venus to create their own sound.

Much of their upcoming second release, The Circle Is Not Round, was written in 2017 with the help of former bassist Kiko C. and recorded in 2018. Through lineup changes, graduating from college, and becoming “real adults,” they believe this new collection of songs is well worth the wait. This record is characterized by moments of spastic, danceable energy and driving, dark basslines, though it is not without its more tender moments. These eight tracks converge to create their most confident work to date.

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Since forming, Hidden Places has shared the stage with the likes of JPEGMAFIA, Injury Reserve, Milo, Ought, Adult Mom, and Hovvdy. David Fuller has played in bands such as Benji and currently produces music under the name Wilhelm (one of his recent tracks features Lil B). Matt McCroskey is a designer and artist whose visuals can be found on the covers of albums by GRRL, ROVR, and other artists around the globe. Nick Shew was previously a member of Chicago-based group The Bascinets and is currently a self-declared layabout and flâneur.

They hope to play lots of music in front of your face one day.

I was on tour in Delaware with another band, and as someone who does not eat meat, someone is going to ask a question.
– David Fuller

(The question being, the chorus of the song, “If a leaf cried, would you bite it?”)