Human Drama has just released the new song titled ‘Sometimes’. From concept to conception, you can tell from that first note that this song was made with love and compassion. And that is what I’ve learned is the way Johnny Indovina does things. True artists usually do, whether in that career-high or low, upside down or right side up, the art comes first.

That wonderfully dark and somber mood is set to music with Johnny Indovina’s weathered and soulful voice unified with Pinky Turzo’s angelic harmony. What we get with that is musical balance. Shaping of the moment through a memory. Beautiful.

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About the theme/concept of Blurred Images

It was a section of my life that I tried to forget. Then one day I heard a piece of music. I started to speak over this music.

“I dreamed of the mountains”…I said.
Two minutes later I realized I had said goodbye to something that I hardly ever (maybe never) consciously let surface.
So I brought something to a final resting place? No.

I finally fully admitted that it had been lying beside every moment of my life since 1996. It kind of sat there “adjusting things”, so to speak. So I looked it in the eye, and said “Farewell”.

But it couldn’t simply end there. It was now time to let every aspect of that time in my life, all the little moments that contributed to the monumental event that would guide my life from far beneath the surface, to the surface…

So I strategically next sang about a beautiful night on Delaney Street.

Beautiful. Look what I found. Something beautiful and miles away from my ability to feel now.

Then it got dark. No surprise. I was ready for it. And the conversation was more easy this time.

I guess this story may make a cohesive piece of music…another “concept” album.

So we have continued the story. “King of Kings”, “ One more Time Around the Lake“, “ Into Our Escape”, “ Another Crash”, “Let The Memories Live Here. All pieces of a whole.

On December 18th Human Drama released”Sometimes”.

“Let The Memories Live Here” was the love song looking back. “Sometimes” is the realization that something cannot be kept inside forever, no matter how hard we try.

” I pretend, to forget, to let go, to forgive
Something lies, behind the truth, behind my eyes,
I think I’ll let it through”

There are many layers in “responsibility” in most situations, and layers of responsibility to the damages suffered.

Johnny Indovina, December 2020

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