1. An Interview with Johnny Indovina Jammerzine Exclusive 55:19

Today’s Jammerzine Exclusive interview is with, who I consider, a legend of #indie and the underground. I am speaking of Human Drama’s Johnny Indovina. Johnny is one of those artists you listened to and are a fan of because you were one of those cool kids in the know on music. Just to the left of the outside of the box that was 120 Minutes on MTV and who’s music actually meant something more than grabbing your lighter at a concert. That means Johnny’s music means something.

From his beginnings in Human Drama to his various collaborations and solo work, Johnny has amassed a catalog of memories in the guise of music. His and ours.

Also of note is a beautiful documentary by filmmaker Gene Blalock titled ‘Seven Days in Mexico‘. It’s about Johnny rediscovering his passion and love for his music and learning what he has gotten and given through that music.

And it are those things and more that we discuss with Johnny as he enters his new chapter and continuing the drama that is human and what his future holds.

About Johnny Indovina & Human Drama

Since their formation in the early 80s, singer/songwriter/guitarist Johnny Indovina has guided Human Drama through over a dozen critically acclaimed albums and countless spectacular live performances, creating a beautifully intense collection of work, while gathering the band a deeply devoted following in America, and most notably Mexico. 

Human Drama began their career in New Orleans as the Models, releasing two independent singles before moving to Los Angeles in 1985.   Once there, they changed their name, and quickly became a vital member of the legendary “Scream scene”, centered around the short-lived Los Angeles underground goth metal club that introduced Guns N’ Roses and Jane’s Addiction to the world. 

Human Drama’s moving live shows, scripted by Indovina’s poetic imagery, attracted a huge following which led to a deal with RCA records in 1988, and their debut releases, Hopes Prayers Dreams Heart Soul Mind Love Life Death, and Feel. 

In 1991 Human Drama moved to Triple X records and with The World Inside, began a string of sparkling releases which continued with Pinups, The Human Drama EP, Songs of Betrayal, 14,384 Days Later, Solemn Sun Setting, In a Perfect World: The Best of Human Drama, Moments in Time, and finally in 2002, their intended swan song, Cause and Effect. Indovina then released two albums as Sound of The Blue Heart, and one solo LP, Trials of The Writer before responding to public demand and reassembling Human Drama in 2011 for a series of smash performances which culminated with a sold-out reunion show in Mexico City, and the release of Broken Songs for Broken People in 2017.

In early 2019 Human Drama began releasing a series of singles, beginning with “Farewell”, “Delancey Street 1993”, One More Time Around The Lake”, “King Of Kings”, “Into Our Escape” , “Another Crash” and soon to be released “Let the Memories Live Here, which will drop October 30th, 2020. All singles will be part of the upcoming 2021 album, “Blurred Images”.

Keyboardist/background vocalist Mark Balderas is a Los Angeles native who has been playing and recording with Human Drama since 1986. His work on the piano, Hammond B3 organ, and Mellotron has been a key ingredient in the band’s sound. Mark also does session work with other artists, along with performing contemporary Christian rock.

Timothy Grove is a Southern California guitarist whose credits include Jon Butcher and Bryan Ferry. He first met Johnny Indovina in New York in 2003 while they were both working on a theatrical musical production. Timothy later recorded both Sound of the Blue Heart albums with Johnny before joining Human Drama in time to contribute to their most recent album, Broken Songs for Broken People. 
Drummer Greg Collister joined Human Drama in 2016. He holds a drumming/percussion degree from Musician’s Institute – Hollywood, and showcases his talent with many different west coast groups, performing styles including metal, country, and worship music.
Bassist Steve Fuxan has been with Human Drama since its inception in New Orleans in 1980. A man of few words, his rock-solid basslines have provided the backbone to countless Human Drama recordings and performances.