1. Mama Ian Ventress 3:31

Matt Kitching aka Consept and emerging vocalist Lu Ndaka have collaborated with singer songwriter Ian Ventress to produce ‘Mama’, the first track that Ian has recorded with other artists.

A businessman for many years, Ian Ventress has always had a passion for writing poetry which developed into songwriting before he eventually felt ready to create demos in a friend’s home studio. Family, friends, and colleagues were impressed by what they heard, giving Ian the confidence to enter Broadwater Studios Gateshead with producer Paul Worthington.

After signing with VJ Artist Management, Ian secured a release and publishing deal with Plankton Records for his first single ‘Mama’. Boasting an infectious chorus, a lilting African vibe is given to the track through the deep and rich tones of Lu Petres and a further dimension added with a Rap section featuring Matt Kitchen aka Consept.