1. Exiled Love Inego 3:50
  2. Take Me Back Inego 4:23

Inego took their name from a character in the cult eighties classic film ‘The Princess Bride’. The band stormed onto Manchester’s music scene with an eponymous EP released in 2014, this collection of singles was produced by Sugarhouse Music, known for their work with Viola Beach. The EP included the lead single ‘Your Style Defeats Me’ and was launched with a gig in New York City and a video shot near Manchester’s Strangeways prison.

2015 saw the band working with audio wizard Gavin Monaghan (Editors / Robert Plant / JAWS / The Twang) who invited the band into his West Midlands’ Magic Garden studios after hearing their track ‘Unoriginal’, starting a very fruitful working relationship which has also resulted in current double A side single ‘Exiled Love / Take Me Back’.

The new video for ‘Exiled Love’ is a sequel of sorts to the video produced for the band’s last single ‘It’s Ok, It’s Alright’ with a third instalment yet to come.

“Their casual but incredibly catchy riffs are everything guitar music should be – for some reason this band don’t have the recognition that they deserve.”

“Infectious riffs that swagger with a breezy nonchalance, without revelling in clichéd Britpop nostalgia. , “INEGO” benchmarks that breed of Indie guitar-laden bands, now been given a polished make-over, dusting off any dreary gloom and moving towards a more fresh and detangled horizon.”
The Manc Review

“This kind of music has an unearthly feel and at the same time sounds so appealing and close to your heart. Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up to Inego – Manchester’s secret music power. Possessing the ability to write very diverse songs with the recognizable feel of music which wasn’t made here on Earth. If you hear Inego once, you will never forget them.”
Rock Britain

“The best way for you to understand would be to listen to them yourself. It’s at once both fresh and nostalgic. It’s summery but at times, shimmers with a wintery brilliance that contradicts other tracks in the band’s repertoire. It’s easy to see why Inego have caused a stir, their sound encapsulates and reinvigorates a 90s genre thought dead and buried, that’s seemingly on course for a reinvention. Great stuff.”

“They’ve gone and done it again. They remain something of a relative secret, but this number is musically impressive as well as potentially having $$$$$’s written all over it….will somebody please make this band famous?”
Manchester Music.co.uk