'Reload' cover.
‘Reload’ cover.

Redefining exactly what it means to be an independent artist in a musical landscape which is increasingly populated with faceless, manufactured beige products, J.J Leone returns with his new single, “Reload”, a sublime wedge of a guitar-based soul with a shadowy sinew running through it. J.J. has risen to prominence has been completely self-taught musically, and without being able to read music, yet has sold out the legendary Ronnie Scott’s and played to thousands of festival-goers at the Sundown Festival and Sofar Sounds shows.

Completely self-managed, J.J’s sound is undiluted and comes from a musician who is truly single-minded in how he communicates with his audience. Though his sound is initially the summery breeze of modern R&B-flecked pop-soul, what sets J.J. apart is his ability to interpret subjects and emotions often avoided by other artists, as well as drawing on the experiences he had at the beginning of his career, busking on street corners. This is Dark Soul – a feeling and a sound which is entirely modern and reflects the world around all of us, in all its brutal glory.

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Following on from his Top 20 EP, “Rebuild”, which was recorded in none-more DIY-style, in his bathroom, J.J. is an almost unique proposition for a new artist: writing; performing; producing and managing every aspect of his career, “Reload” showcases his gilt-edged, chiming guitar skills and chillingly pure voice, underpinned with a gently growling synth pattern which resonates inside long after the track has finished. J.J’s sound has grown to a level that sees him challenging any of the UK’s recent leading singer-songwriters as the sound of a nation fighting back.