Emmersed in true soul and filled with originality, James Aaron delivers a smooth ode to love with his new single titled ‘Feeling’. It’s utterly refreshing to listen to a soulful track like ‘Feeling’ with a positive message embedded with such a hip beat and earnest lyrics. True love is possible and, according to James, a feeling one can’t deny when recognized. And that is a beautiful thing.

About ‘Feeling’
‘Feeling’ is a soulful Pop hit, which is as fresh as James Aaron’s rebrand. Formerly, James Francis, the Kingdom Choir vocalist’s latest work is packed with afro-beat groove and James’ trademark positive sound. This heaven-sent release is the perfect anthem to give your summer the leg-up it needs.

In James’ words:

“Feeling is about whatever makes you light up inside. It’s how it feels when your spirits are high and it’s like heaven itself is taking over your soul. Everyone has that thing that brings out the best in them and gives you that Cloud Nine experience. It’s my faith in God that brings that out in me. A power from deep down inside that kinda takes over and elevates me to a higher place.”

James adds “I wrote Feeling with my wife Andrea Louise. Despite the summer vibe of the song ironically it was a grey rainy evening. She was hanging out washing and I was sitting at the keyboard. I started playing a melody and within minutes we had the first few lines. You could call it divine inspiration.”

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About James Aaron
James Aaron is a born and raised Londoner, hailing from the South on a North Peckham estate. Gang culture was rife and music was where James sought refuge. UK Grime artist Giggs grew up on the same estate just a stone’s throw away.

After a move to Dulwich, James’ musical abilities blossomed once he had joined the Aria Singing school and he went on to win a host of talent shows, which turned a passion into a pursuit.

A lot of ground has been made since, with James touring with JP Cooper, and is a lead singer with The Kingdom Choir, who famously sang at the Royal Wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry.

After the group being signed to Sony Global, they have since featured in TV ads for Coca Cola and Skoda UK, with tours of the UK and Australia conquered and the US tour approaching. This not including a headlining night at the Royal Albert Hall.

James Aaron is not about the shock factor and the obvious commercial crass. His rich soulful voice and authentic lyrics are written from the heart to enrich and inspire audiences.

With little room for autotune, James’ content is creating success stories, love, and life.