1. Body Work (by-MB-GhettoFlow) Jayson 3:04

Jayson is set to drop his new single titled ‘Body Work’ on June 4th. That Caribbean swagger and learned toughness give the vocals that punctuation to announce Jayson’s arrival. The mix of style with electronica give that special blend of cool with a wink in the eye and a grind in the teeth.

About Jayson

Jayson’s music career started with his band Chocolate City, their first single of the same name was a great success and ended up being played and featured on stations all over the globe, especially in the Carribean.

The name of the band changed to Concreat City, meanwhile Jayson, born and raised in Aruba then moved to the Netherlands but continued in the music and theatre world. He played in several musicals, danced with Wentink events and was part of the permanent crew at Studio 21.

Jayson’s solo career kickstarted with his albums ‘Problem Child’ and ‘The Kitchen’, which were produced under his own record label: Jayson Records, this time with a much more Socapop, Kizomba and Reggae vibe, which is of course popular in the Caribbean.

He worked with a lot of different musicians and producers to make sure his albums were as unique as possible, mixing up all three aforementioned styles.

‘Body Work’ is his introduction to the world stage and it’s guaranteed to get you moving.