All Access 2015 International Radio Personality award winner Jonathan L, an American living in Berlin, is the voice behind the record, an examination of mortality with lyrics inspired by his personal experiences. Mr. L asked England’s Go Satta to create the musical backdrop for the piece, injected with passion, approached from left field but firmly anchored in reality through the sound advice on offer. Not since Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Sunscreen’ has there been a spoken word piece that speaks so sincerely.

Mr. L’s music career spans over forty years as a music magazine publisher, radio programmer and presenter. Go Satta have been featured on Jonathan’s Lopsided World Of L weekly international show many times. Their first debut album ‘White Chocolate’ is available on German label Emerald and Doreen Records. Mr. L can currently be heard on 9 radio stations world wide every week across three continents.