1. MakeWaves Junket 6:07

Junket has today released their new single titled ‘MakeWaves’. powerful from the start with a strong hook, this guitar and vocal driven track makes the perfect introduction to Junket as a band. A song about healing and learning, ‘MakeWaves’ gives that glimmer of hope for this new decade of music.

About Junket

Junket is Chris Wicher (vocals), Michael Miller (guitar), Kyle Hallenbeck (bass) and Chad Babcock (drums). They have all come together, blending different musical backgrounds and a variety of collective influences to create their own brand of alternative rock.

Wicher states, “This is a tune about hitting that low point in your life and then someone or something is introduced, totally changes your point of view, and helps you right the ship. In this case it’s a girl, but it could literally be anything that has a positive impact. The title “MakeWaves” is referring to how this person has been a catalyst in this positive change. Ultimately, it’s a love song that celebrates a kind of rebirth, that sometimes the right person or a new experience can get you out of your rut and help you to become the new and improved version of yourself.”

“MakeWaves” was produced by Sean-Paul Pillsworth at Nada Recording Studios, Montgomery, NY.