Immersed in #indie and floating on a cloud of songwriting genius, K Michelle Dubois creates an anamorphic masterpiece with her new single ‘Wild Weeds’. I say anamorphic because there is much more than what appears here. There are the stellar guitar work and the beyond catchy hooks, but there is also thought and depth right below the surface. Dubois is a crafty songwriter. The hooks and obvious creativity do nothing to hide the intelligent and thought-provoking emotion within the track itself and, instead, lend credence to the credibility that is the drive behind her work.

While ‘Harness’ will be released across the main online stores and streaming platforms on October 12, the first single ‘Wild Weed’ will be available for streaming on August 24. The full album can already be pre-pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

About K Michelle Dubois
Based in Atlanta, GA, Dubois’ counts Blondie’s ‘Autoamerican’ and Divinyls among her influences, along with Stevie Nicks, Roxy Music, Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, and Fever Ray. DuBois’s live band includes Chandler Rentz (drums), Jim Prible (bass), André Griffin (keys) and Dan Dixon (guitar), who also recorded, produced and mastered this album at RCDC studio in Atlanta.

On ‘Harness’, DuBois balances the experimental with her innate talent for distinctive hooks. This is an indie pop-rock gem that is sonic, rustic, and strong on harmonies. Although she remains anchored in hook-laden structures, this album pushes the experimental side of her previous work to new heights.

While most of DuBois’ solo output intertwines classic power-pop with 90s college rock, ‘Harness’ boasts a heftier sonic tone than her previous album ‘Astral Heart’ with its bouncy rhythms, jangly guitars and sing-song charm.

“To me, ‘Harness’ is not about taming; it’s about recognizing and utilizing all this amazing energy that is radiating. I’ve been deeply feeling my hippie roots and, at the same time, intrigued by advances in technology. I’m inspired by such stories as Ex Machina and West Word, which both invigorate and produce intense melancholy in me,” says K Michelle Dubois.

“Much of this album is like one big pep talk for the ladies (myself included). Even for the A.I. characters – finally finding their freedom, It’s like a party, but still, there’s an underlying sadness. Throughout Harness, there’s a strong suggestion to celebrate magic, whenever possible.”

K Michelle DuBois first got into music very young, building harmonies to pass the time during the family’s frequent road trips. DuBois began writing her own material as a teenager in Nashville after receiving a bass guitar for Christmas. She crafted her early songs on bass, a Yamaha synthesizer and a drum machine in her parents’ four-track studio, but a flood of creative possibilities came upon discovering open-tuning on acoustic guitar, thereafter solidifying her commitment to songwriting.

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After forming her first band Ultrababyfat and releasing ‘Silver Tones Smile’ (1998), the group’s infectious pop-punk sound garnered national attention, leading to opening slots for numerous noteworthy acts Pavement and PJ Harvey, and a 2001 stint on The Warped Tour as one of the few female-led bands showcased in the festival’s lineup.

After the band disbanded in 2005, DuBois formed Luigi to explore her more progressive, art-rock leanings. After seven years together and ample critical acclaim, she re-emerged as a solo artist under the tempered guidance of producer Ben Price at Studilaroche, releasing her debut album ‘Lux Capone’ in 2012. DuBois also contributes vocals for Atlanta-based dream-gaze collective Parsons Rocket Project.

A fine specimen of kaleidoscopic pop-rock of a similar flavor to that dished out by The Breeders on “Canonball”, Liz Phair on “Supernova”, and Belly on “Feed The Tree”. Filled with innocent, good vibes and a sparkling melodic thread, K Michelle DuBois’ delivery is striking, found in similar territory as Jenny Lewis and Juliana Hatfield Three. A great new find for eager ears and a superb introduction to her third solo offering
– Big Takeover Magazine