Kid Be Kid releases her new single titled ‘Slide’, featuring Julia Kadel & Simon Denizart. Starting with soul from the press play, Kid Be Kid has found her sound with a gleefully different mix the aforementioned soul, rhythm, jazz, Avante-Garde and a dash of an electronically based trip that, when combined, give the audio senses more than just the hook to listen out for.

‘Slide’ is a song that you won’t even want to guess where it is going, but will keep you interested throughout. Simon’s brilliant piano and Julia’s multi-layered guidance give an added level of interest to Kid’s sound that makes this less than a collaboration and more o an artistic bonding.

Speaking about the origins of ‘Slide’, Kid Be Kid tells us

“I am cooling like water, turn into an ice surface.” The protective ice layer on which you can glide like the sound slides in the music down to the sub-bass. But you don’t get inside. Distance and isolation. Aloofness. I am very happy that I could win two extraordinary guests for this song. The pianists Julia Kadel from Germany and Simon Denizart from Canada had both already played the song live with me. And both times I was overjoyed. So I asked them to record some piano parts. With these, I worked creatively, so that now 6 hands on the keys trigger different levels, run together or against each other, a collaborative solo.”

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About Kid Be Kid

Born and raised in Berlin, and an heir to two classical musicians, Kid Be Kid was placed in music lessons at a young age. At first, she struggled to find her own passion in the skill however, when she began to write her own songs a true fascination grew to develop. Discovering the world of jazz through a serendipitous twist of fate, in which her Philosophy teacher introduced her to his son, the style and energy of jazz music soon inspired her to pursue official studies of it at university.

Choosing to not restrict herself in any way or form, Kid Be Kid finds inspiration in just about every genre with artists like Little Simz, Frank Ocean, IAMDDB, Ama Lou, Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke, Radiohead, Nina Simone, James Blake, Dorian Concept, Noname, Bill Evans, Flying Lotus, and Noga Erez all coming in to play. With all of these diverse influences, Kid Be Kid’s own sound sits close to the avant-garde likes of Arca, FKA Twigs and the vocals of Solange

Julia Kadel, a German jazz pianist, and composer accompany KID BE KID and Simon Denizart, a French jazz pianist on ‘Slide’. The two pianists along with the experimental electronic musician create a force to be reckoned with as the keys both cascade and crash around the listener’s ears. With flashbacks and strong associations to the jazz music that inspired her career choice, Kid Be Kid brings forth and embraces the modern element with her freestyle beatboxing and striking vocals.