Koala is a four piece Indie band from southern England who draws influence from bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Foals to create a fusion that has yet to be heard. The strong, piercing vocals and catchy summery vibes won’t disappoint you. The band consists of:

They all met in their first year of university, Billy coming from Portsmouth and the other three grew up together in Hertfordshire.

The band would jam songs together in a flat they shared but never took it seriously until their final year of uni. They then started writing their own material and got in the studio and released their first single ‘Backbiting’ in January.

The follow up is the utterly brilliant ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ with its catchy chorus and excellent musicianship it’s sure to springboard the band onto the next stage of their young career.

Koala is:
Billy Gregory – lead singer//rhythm Guitar
Harry Knowles – lead Guitar//backing vox
Sam Brent – drums
Fred Parrott – bass guitar//backing vox