Kouatchou is set to drop his new AA single titled ‘My Teach’ & ‘Change’ on October 2nd. Kouatchou has mastered two songs from the heart that filtered through his soul and captures that perfect essence found between savior and soul. Each track has its own flair and flavor not to be overlooked but over-indulged as we get a pop set mixed with traditional reggae served forth from a true world traveler.

About Kouatchou

Born into a musical family in Cameroon, Central Africa, Kouatchou’s creative gifts were evident from an early age. He grew up watching his father, a master of the traditional xylophone, performing on the ‘balafon’, and a variety of other instruments.

Music is in Kouatchou’s blood, yet it took him on an odyssey via Brazil, Switzerland, and France before he arrived in the UK to become the musician he was born to be at last. Throughout his career, he’s had the dedicated support of family and friends. People from all walks of life regularly come to see him performing live.

Speaking of how he sees himself in the industry Kouatchou says “My role in life is to awaken the goodness that’s originally inherent in peoples’ hearts through music. I deeply believe that music has got a crucial role to play in our lives even more so at this present time where there’s a clear tussle between GOOD & EVIL on a massive scale….never before seen.”

This AA side single featuring ‘My Teacher’ and ‘Change’ is a perfect introduction to Kouatchou’s beautiful views on life and how we should all take time out to show more love to one another and what better way to do that than through Reggae. One Love!