La Forme have masterfully pieced together a future classic in the form of ‘Birds In An Aviary’. Combining all of the styles that worked when alternative (I hate that word) was known as Post Modern, La Forme give a soothing, gentle, yet powerful performance worthy of the FM of the past while still retaining their credibility and relevancy in a way only a truly original group can.

About ‘Birds In an Aviary’
‘Birds In an Aviary’ was inspired lyrically by the line in the Tennessee Williams’ play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ where Maggie says to Brick “I’m not living with you, we just occupy the same cage.” La Forme’s vocalist and lyricist Chris explains: “I have always loved that line, it’s just so wonderfully blunt and sad, I just took that metaphor and stretched it. Birds is about a relationship breaking down with birds as the protagonists. One of my favorite things to do lyrically is to take the idea of a love song and then frame it slightly differently, because love is such a strange emotion.”

About La Form
La Form’s darkly alluring slice of intelligent synth pop has a quintessential European outlook. The sound is simultaneously futuristic whilst still possessing the warmth and comfort of an age where pop ran supreme. ‘Birds In an Aviary’ is a new beginning for the band in many ways that is ambitious and poetically direct. Think Morrissey suavely wondering into the grooves of New Orders ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ with Arthur Russell producing it all in some Brooklyn dive studio in 1983!

SOURCE: Official Bio