Lékan Tella drops his new single titled ‘Savannah Red’. A hybrid between Electronic and R&B done in a poptastic fashion, Lékan Tella gives us a groovy new song rife with hooks and layered with an almost Motown level of vocals. I have to say, his voice is a perfect fit for almost any song you would want to convey the meaning of the lyrics to.

Welcome to the fold, Lékan Tella, I hope you stay a while.

About Lékan Tella

Lékan Tella follows-up on his graceful and highly noticed release titled “Emptiness” with a sensual electro-R&B crossover track sprinkled with 80’s pop-inspired melodies and beats titled “Savannah Red.” Lékan Tella – “Savannah Red”

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter, Lékan Tella announces the release of his latest single titled “Savannah Red,” beautifully blending soft soulful hymns, soothing retro tones, and following-up on his previous release titled “Emptiness”. Lékan Tella’s signature sound is made of a sophisticated blend between 80’s pop and 90’s R&B. This gorgeous production, arranged and sonically designed by longtime collaborator Ben Steinberg (aka Maxwell Silver), is a sensually filled anthem that sees Lékan Tella express his personal feelings about his need for solitude.

“You know what you are to me. But tonight is the perfect night, and I just wanna be how I wanna be”

Being of Nigerian-American descent, Lékan Tella has found inspiration in both cultures; “When I first moved to Nigeria in the 90s, I’d write as a way to contain myself and disconnect from the feeling of culture shock. Every chance I got, I had my ears glued to the radio to discover new sounds. I started writing poems and song lyrics when I was 13”.

Jay-Z’s Black Album, and 90s East Coast Hip Hop taught him the art of raw storytelling. Today, the lyrics in Lékan Tella’s music paint vivid pictures that take the listener on quite the journey through his world. A journey with many pit stops from r&b, to retro funk, and 80s pop. A versatile and free soul, Lékan Tella defies categorization, as the emerging artist’s sonic designs change and evolve rapidly, representing different phases of his life, engraving special moments for eternity.

On the song’s title, Tella says “I bought out a studio to record myself and the studio owner was setting up lights to match up the mood for my session before he walked out. He kept flicking through options for me, and this bright reddish-orange light came on and I asked what it was. He said Savannah red. And I said, that’s the light and also the name of the song”.

Lékan’s “Savannah Red” is a subtly powerful proof of his immense artistry, unique vocal and songwriting talent, and a song that brings to light a slightly different facet of his artistic personality than on “Emptiness,” and therefore expanding his possibilities and reaches to attract new ears. All in all, Lékan is just another artist looking to touch the lives of others, share his vision, and make a powerful contribution to the world.