Harking back to the rock of old, but with plenty of new house #indie to showcase the originality encased within, LEONTAS drop the ultimate musical F-bomb in the form of ‘Rhythm + Blues’. Sonically gritty growls and powerful hooks abound in this 3:06 ‘(357) magnum opus’ designed for the stadiums of every country.

LEONTAS are a rock duo formed in London 2015 consisting of singer and guitarist Alex Munteanu and drummer Scott Collier after meeting at an audition for a separate band in Camden. After the two bonded, realizing their musical styles fitted perfectly together LEONTAS was born in Camden’s Creation Studios. Now their goal is to sound louder, more aggressive and express their social and personal beliefs through their lyrics. Scott plays drums and sings and Alex does vocals and plays the guitar, where he combines 3 amps to achieve his huge monster of a sound.

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In December 2016 they released their debut EP “With Love” which set their foot on the scene and only hinted of what is to come. Their comeback was in 2017 when they released their double single Stand Out, recorded live it captures the band’s dynamic and energetic vibe from their live performances and further solidified their unique signature sound. With plenty of shows and festivals line-up, new material coming out, expect to hear a lot more from the Lion duo.

About Rhythm + Blues
Rhythm + Blues started in the studio during a rehearsal. It was kind of magical because, with the hit of the first chord, we knew exactly where to go with it. It came together very quickly and naturally. When it came to lyrics, once again we decided to talk about the “fire” that we all have inside of us. The beauty of conceiving an idea, but how sometimes timing or the circumstances can be wrong. Or in some cases, our efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated. Ultimately thought is not about what people think, it’s not about the trends that everyone wants to follow. It’s about being yourself at all times.