Psychedelia, melancholy, echoing guitars of the 90s and smashing riffs topped with vocals that give something of a respectful nod to the pioneers of the Seattle sound.

Magic Meredith is a Finnish five-piece rock band located in Seinäjoki/Jyväskylä playing their kaustrock comprising elements you might’ve heard before and something that’s all-new to the ear. Being founded in 2009 the band has had plenty of time to perfect the intense sound they have today.

Praised for their energetic live shows they have now captured the essence of it into an album. Dive into the ocean of melancholy as Magic Meredith introduces it on their first full-length.

In the March of 2011 Magic Meredith released their debut EP called “Iranon’s Dawn”. It has been sold out but is still available at bandcamp.

The band has also been featured in a compilation album “The Ultimate Mixtape of Seinäjoen seutu” released February 2012. The track from this album is also available at bandcamp.