It’s no surprise to me that Manorlady is a band that is also a family. It shows in their music. And, their new track in this Jammerzine Exclusive premiere is yet another example of such. That track is called ‘Slow Coast’ (video below).

‘Slow Coast’ begins and ends almost as two distinctly different songs. Quiet and ethereal with a trippy backbeat, droning guitar, and beautiful vocal harmonies, the song suddenly changes gear into a shoegaze style mash of sonic bliss at the chorus in such a stunningly surprising way that any audio buff or music fan will give a thumbs up to their stereo. It all fits into one lush and expansive track.

‘No Bitter Ends’, the album featuring ‘Slow Coast’, drops on March 29 via Part Keeler Recordings.

“Slow Coast is the name of the coastal area between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, It’s an incredible place to spend a day and wish it were a lifetime. Our song is a nod to low energy, good life on the Slow Coast and Santa Cruz, spending the day getting weird and riding that high-on-life wave right through the evening. The footage was captured at a July 2018 show at The Jury Room in Santa Cruz and along the Slow Coast.”

About Manorlady
Manorlady is a family band. Since 2009 Manorlady has made music inspired by the wide open spaces and fluorescent sunsets on which we were raised in the Mojave Desert of Eastern California.

Early stuff featured a lot of male/female harmonies, dense guitar/bass/keys textures, and huge Cocteau-style drum machines often complimented by live drumming. The debut full-length ‘Home’ was released in 2011; LP ‘Ego Oppressor’ was released in 2012; EP ‘Barely Not Dead’ was released in 2016.

Manorlady is currently a three-piece residing in Santa Cruz, CA. The harmonies are still here, backed by a tight and explosive guitar/bass/drums arrangement.

Manorlady are

  • Aaron Bailey:Guitar, Vocals
  • Melissa Bailey:Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Conor Kelly:Drums

“No need to cite references or influences, what Manorlady does is throw it all in a cauldron and blast like a great guitar band knows how to do.”
– Renato Malizia, The Blog That Celebrates Itself

“Formed in 2009, Santa Cruz based noisy & melodious shoegaze trio, Manorlady have been creating and self-releasing some sonically astute soundscapes via a seriously addictive back catalog that skips nonchalantly through shoegaze, dream pop, and alternative rock with relative ease.”
– Primal Music Blog