Maybe We’re Dead Already’s new track, “Shrapnel” is nothing less than a frontal assault on your now defenseless aural cavities. This song is relentless to the point where I want to set my neighbor’s house on fire, not because he’s a d*ck, but because it’s there. As the chorus says “The devil may care… I don’t…” and why should Maybe Already We’re Dead when they can right BRUTALFUL music such as “Shrapnel”.

“Shrapnel” and the rest of the EP “On The Way Down” is out now on most major outlets. “Shrapnel” is on heavy rotation on our JammerStream Hardcore station now.


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About Maybe We’re Dead Already:
Maybe We’re Dead Already (MWDA) are an Alternative/Hard Rock band from Glasgow, Scotland who have carved out a distinctive sound based on blistering, accomplished rock riffery.

They release their 6 track “On The Way Down” e.p on November 28th 2015. Focus track is Shrapnel.

Having formed in 2013 they have relentlessly gigged throughout Scotland, establishing themselves as a live force to be reckoned with.

They received further support upon release of their first demo EP “MWDA” which features live favourites “Best Foot Forward” and “Wear the Night Well”, the latter of which has received airplay on Amazing Radio.

Recent live highlights have been playing the Hard Rock Café, Glasgow for Live Wednesday in conjunction with XFM and winning over tough crowds at Bloodstocks “Metal to the Masses” 2015 shows.

Track listing:

  1. Stretched Out and Strained
  2. On The Way Down
  3. Lost in Static
  4. Shrapnel
  5. The Bitter Things We Know
  6. True Faith (Break the Destiny)

Steven Bowie
Paul Morton
Mathew Sharp
Cree Hoggan