1. How To Start A Fire MCRAE 3:05

MCRAE have today released their new track titled ‘How To Start A Fire’. From that first crash of the drums and bass, this song had me with curiosity. From that first verse, it had my interest. This is a song that is filled with that stellar swagger and music bravado that hits the mark. Welcome back, MCRAE. You were missed.


Northern towns aren’t renowned for their progressive politics. Whether you take Rochdale or Redcar, Bradford or Blackpool, these provincial towns share a milieu that succeeds in fostering a certain mindset not often seen in cities. This is something that Manchester’s MCRAE understand perfectly.

Hailing from the mill towns scattered across both Lancashire and Yorkshire, the four-piece eschew the swaggering indie-boy Oasis imitations so often seen in such towns, in favour of something slightly subtler, more intelligent, that bridges the gap between punk, indie and pop effortlessly.

Coming quickly off the back of previous single ‘Lucy’, how to start a fire draws more from the band’s punk influences, while still retaining a distinctly poppy feeling through its shimmering guitars. Described by the band as being “a back and forth in every sense of the word, lyrically it touches on the idyllic modern relationship – musically it boasts big riffs and catchy melodies plus potentially the biggest outro we’ve written!” ‘How To Start A Fire’ is the perfect embodiment of MCRAE’s sound; a deft combination of snarling punk cynicism juxtaposed against blissful pop optimism.

It might have been a quiet last year for MCRAE, as it was for most bands, but now armed with a smattering of singles and an EP in the pipeline, it’s obvious the band are back and firing on all cylinders.


  • Joe McRae
  • Jake McRae
  • Aidan Reece
  • Jordan Davies