Megan Freedman unleashes her new single titled ‘Perfect’ today on Jammerzine. Obviously an accomplished instrumentalist, Megan delivers what I consider one of the most earnest and straightforward retro style Americana/Alt-Country tracks in recent memory.

The slide guitar was the first thing that gained my attention and the breakdown in the middle is captivating in its own right but what really sticks in the memory is Megan’s delightful vocals. Clear and almost angelic, Megan has that certain something that makes you want to follow her music because it’s hers. And, even though that can be enough, there is more than you realize going on in ‘Perfect’.

About Megan Freedman

Born and raised in Southern California, Megan Freedman has forged a unique path into the world of Americana and country. With dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, Freedman relocated to Kelowna, BC in 2015 to be closer to her family and, with their encouragement, launched her solo career.

Freedman’s natural vibrato and classic sound made her immediately identifiable on her 2018 debut, Wild and Free, which she worked on with industry-respected producer/mixer Skip Saylor. Recorded in her native California with the backing bands of Macy Gray, Dwight Yoakum, and Beyoncé, Wild was recorded live to recreate a sound that has hardly been heard since country’s boom in the ‘70s on a mixing board that has seen the likes of Tom Petty, Foo Fighters, and Snoop Dogg among others.

Coming off of Wild’s successes at radio and the achievement of her single “Roots & Wings” winning a Global Music Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2019, Freedman decided to switch things up for her upcoming EP and celebrate her backyard of British Columbia.

Recording at Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Freedman collaborated with Roots Album of the Year nominee Mitch Merritt on an EP that lays out the expanse of experiences she’s seen as a dual citizen in America and Canada. Lead single “Perfect” captures the EP’s slice-of-life focus beautifully, unpacking her experience with being bullied as a teenager.

“In high school, I was bullied by someone who was supposed to be a role model to me,” Freedman recalls. “It took a major toll on my mental and physical health that took five years to recover from. ‘Perfect’ is a song that I wrote to myself as a teenager telling her she isn’t defined by other people’s rude comments… I wanted to create something that I would have been excited to hear when I was a kid.”

Freedman has made a point to boost and showcase other artists in the wake of her experiences, namely with her Ladies of the Okanagan showcase, which would’ve celebrated its third gathering in April before COVID-19 forced its cancellation. If anything though, “Perfect” is the clear culmination of an artist finding a singular voice and path in the music industry after years of struggle.