Michael Oakley has released his new single titled ‘Is There Anybody Out There’, from his new album ‘Odyssey’, out now.

Custom made for the dancefloor but tailored for that inner groove that needs feeding, especially during a pandemic, ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ takes the beat and adds a bomb of a hook and fat harmonies for flavor to give us a heavy track that screams summer and fills the void out there for all of us. Crave this wave.

About Michael Oakley

UK-born synthwave producer Michael Oakley has recently released his latest album Odyssey on the 14th of May via NewRetroWave Records. Featured on the album, listeners will find the exemplary song, ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ edited by Jon Campbell, as well as well-known featured artists Ollie Wride and Dana Jean Phoenix. Odyssey has already reached #8 in the Worldwide Album Charts on Bandcamp while peaking at #4 on the Electronic Album Chart, contributing to Michael Oakley’s impressive play count of just under 8 million across platforms. The producer has earned significant support from NewRetroWave with features on their Youtube channel as well as their official webzine. Michael Oakley’s music has appeared in numerous games, including Wave Break: High Tide and Retro Drive.

Michael Oakley was born in Glasgow, Scotland but moved to Los Angeles for a few years before settling in Toronto, Canada. He considers himself a predominantly self-taught musician, with the exception of taking keyboard lessons as a child as a result of encouragement from his father. The producer calls upon the classics for inspiration, citing the likes of George Michael, Sting, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd. However, his own sound calls to mind the modern works of artists such as The Midnight, FM84, Toto and Duran Duran.

There are few artists who manage to strike a balance between the shimmering calm of the water’s edge and the deep inner call of adventure within the pounding heart. And yet here we stand, awash with synths and gentle bathing in retro tones while a tangible hint of hope lingers in the air as we embark on an Odyssey with Michael Oakley. ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ draws us into the world of retro, neon lights and an undying passion for dance.